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Guidance Information

Builders Supply Poles
Nov 2011 - Energy Safe Victoria (ESV) has produced a 'Builders Supply Poles' (BSP) Guideline for REC's, LEI's and the suppliers of BSP's to assist in providing an electricity supply for construction or site works. Further information can be obtained from Clause 7.7 of these Rules.  Download here. Builders Supply Poles.pdf

Builders Construction Supplies
March 2014 - ESV has produced a 'Builders Construction Supplies' Guideline for Builders Supplies in the permanent position following audits of construction supplies with defects identified after the structure has been connection to supply.  Further information can be obtained from Clause 7.6 of these Rules. 
Download a PDF version. Requirements for Builders construction supplies.pdf

New Victorian Power Industry Lock
June 2014 - Refer to Clause 5.6.2. 
Download a PDF for purchasing keyed alike locks. Registering VPI Locks and Keys.pdf 
Or an overview of the locking system can be found here Lockwood Victorian Power Industry Locks.pdf

VESI Fuse Removal and Reinsertion - Code of Practice
September 2014 - Low voltage service fuse removal and reinsertion by licensed electricians and L & G class inspectors.  Compliance with this Code permits those licensed persons to remove and reinsert the Electricity Distributors service fuse under controlled conditions.
VESI Fuse Remove and Reinsertion 2014.pdf

SIR and Associated Connection Practices - Guidance Document 
Jan 2016 - This document has been collated by the SIR Management Committee to provide guidance to the industry for individual Distributor connection variations and connection practices.  Please note this information was correct at the time of publication and the relevant Distributor should always be contacted where any doubt exists or confirmation is required as indicated in SIR Clause 4.2.
Download a PDF here.
  Distributor SIR Connection Practices 2016.pdf
Raiser Bracket Checklist
Sep 2021 - A collection of Service Raiser Brackets that have been approved by the Victorian Service & Installation Rules Management Committee as a requirement of SIR Clause can be located here Raiser Bracket Checklist Sept 2021.xlsx 

HV Metering Diagrams 
October 2019 - Reference is also made to Figure 9.13A for a typical 3 phase 4 wire Metering Wiring Diagram.  Links are installed below that provide diagrams to 3 phase 3 wire and 3 phase 4 wire diagrams. 
HV 3ph3wire.pdf
HV 3ph4wire.pdf

Standardised Victorian inverter settings for solar installations 

January 2020 - Victorian Distribution Businesses have been working together to develop a standard set of inverter settings for solar installations based on AS4777 and are now mandating these settings for all inverter systems installed from 1 December 2019.  
These settings have been developed to align with the ENA Distributed Energy Resources (DER) Connections paper, facilitating Solar Vic Homes and the large uptake of DER, Victorian DNSPs and now mandates power quality response modes and settings for Volt Watt and Volt VAr capabilities for all micro embedded inverter energy systems. 
Further information can be obtained from each Distributors website.  
Power Quality Response Mode Settings.pdf  
Mandatory inverter energy settings from 1 Dec 2019.pdf

Amended Clause Common Enclosures 
February 2020 - Following industry comments, this clause has been updated and can be downloaded here Amended Clause - Feb 2020.pdf

New Clause 6.10 Un-Metered Supplies 
December 2021 - Rules applying to all un-metered supplies connected to the electrical distribution network including those un-metered connections that are to be upgraded or altered after the original connection date. They can be downloaded here New Clause 6.10 Unmetered Supplies