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Applicable forms for Abolishment / Alteration / Disconnection / Reconnection/New Connection accepted by Distributors of Electricity Supply

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Application for Abolishment of Electrical Supply

14 July 2017

The Abolishment of Electricity Supply form should be used by owners or developers to request the permanent removal of all metering and servicing assets from a premise.  Adequate notification should be given to the Distribution Company to complete this request.

  • If the electricity supply is connected - Submit the form to the customers electricity Retailer (the company that provides the bills) as a final bill must be completed.

  • If the electricity supply is not connected - Submit to the Distribution Company.

(Note - Some companies may request payment for this service)

Electrical Work Request (EWR)

14 July 2017

A correctly completed Electrical Works Request form must be submitted to the relevant Retailer or Distribution Company prior to the connection work taking place for:

  • all new installations or occupancy connections

  • all alterations and additions to existing installations or occupancies which require Distribution Company involvement (eg. metering alterations, connections of new consumers mains etc)

  • where the work may affect the distribution network, network assets or metering at the installation.

An Electrical Works Request Guideline can be referenced to assist the accurate completion of the Electrical Works Request form for submitting to the customers Retailer or Distribution Company. Electrical Work Request User Guide.pdf

Field Works Order

14 July 2017

A correctly completed Field Works Order must be submitted to the relevant Retailer or Distribution Company where responsibility for associated Electrical Works Request charges are to be assigned to another person.

(Note - Not all Distribution Companies accept this form)

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