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Technical Information

Relevant files providing information to assist Registered Electrical Contractors (REC`s) / Licensed Electrical Inspectors (LEI`s) / Builders/Developers

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Amendment 3 What's Changed

1 October 2022

Summary of what's changed in VSIR 2014 Amendment 3.

Builders Supply Poles

3 April 2023

Relevant information for builders supply poles can be found here.

Dual Barrel Lock

HV Metering Diagrams 2022

1 October 2022

Reference is also made to Figure 9.13A for a typical 3 phase 4 wire Metering Wiring Diagram. A link is installed below that provides diagrams to 3 phase 3 wire and 3 phase 4 wire diagrams.

Lockwood Dual Barrel

Lockwood Dual Barrel Image And Link

Metering Enclosure Approval Checklist

7 July 2023

Raiser Bracket Checklist

31 August 2021

A collection of Service Raiser Brackets that have been approved by the Victorian Service & Installation Rules Management Committee as a requirement of SIR Clause

VESI Fuse Removal and Reinsertion - Code of Practice

31 August 2014

Low voltage service fuse removal and reinsertion by licensed electricians and L & G class inspectors.  Compliance with this Code permits those licensed persons to remove and reinsert the Electricity Distributors service fuse under controlled conditions.

VPI Key Electric Lock (1)

VPI Key Electric Lock (2)

VPI Key Electric Lock (3)

Victorian Power Industry Lock

Download a PDF for purchasing keyed alike locks. Registering VPI Locks and Keys.pdf or an overview of the locking system can be found here Lockwood Victorian Power Industry Locks.pdf

Refer to Clause 5.6.2.

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